hope you are doing great and ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas (for those celebrating it).

I want to make an announcement and to say that I am proud and happy to finally have one of the planned e-books (electronic books) published on the Cool Small Pets site.

I won't keep you long, I just want to give you an overview:

  • the book contains all the info on guinea pigs from the site, plus a few additional tips
  • it has pages for children to help you teach them how to handle the guinea pigs
  • it has a printable Guinea Pig ID you and your little ones can color and fill out together
  • it costs ONLY $4.95

You can purchase the book by going to this page on my site. The payment is processed by E-junkie, a secure payment processor and as soon as you pay for the book, you will be able to download it.

Note that the book is not a printed book, it is an electronic book in PDF format (save the planet ;).

Thanks in advance for your purchase and in case you missed it, this is where you can buy it ====> Teach your kids to handle guinea pigs