The new layout in this newsletter, that I plan to keep for some time, should make it more visible as to what you can find in it.

Also, it will be more informative, since there will be 4 sections in each new issue:

1. A new piece of information or an update informing you about new pages added to the site.

2. A money saving offer. I will try to find new coupons, sales and offers you can use to save some money on your pets.

3. Favorite submission on the site. One of the pages you submit on the site will be highlighed in every newsletter so people don't miss the great pics of your pet.

4. Most interesting things from other sites. I will find one or two articles you may find interesting that I have read on other pet related sites. (Feel free to send me suggestions for this section.)

So let's see how this layout will work in this issue :)

In issue #8 you can read:

* Pet adoption
* Pet costumes discounts
* Most active reader
* Fun for kids and pets

* Pet adoption
If you are thinking of adopting a pet, don't let the work that includes scare you away. It isn't all that hard to find a pet at all.

You can follow mulitple Facebook groups that keep posting urgent photos of pets for adoption all the time. You can call your local shelter and see what type of animals do they have available.

And you can use these online pet adoption tools to find different animals (not just cats and dogs) in your area. Check it out, your next best friend may be waiting for you!

* Pet costumes discount
You can get a discount almost everywhere now, including that is having a big sale, still not too late to find a costume for your pet.
* Favorite submission
In this section, since it is the first time I send out a newsletter in this form, I want to highlight the most active reader of Cool Small Pets,
Susan Pallett from England.

She is often sending photos of her cute guinea pigs and here is one of my favorites Butter Ball 9 Weeks

Thank you, Susan, for being such a great member of the Cool Small Pets community.

You can choose your favorite submissions by voting and commenting on them.

* Good read on other sites
In this section, where I recommend articles from other sites, I chose an article from ASPCA site. Fun activities for kids and pets

It is a great read, hope you will like it.

If you have an opionion about this new format of the newsletter, I would love to hear about it.