I am so glad to be back on track and able to welcome you back to the world of small pets.

I am sorry for being away for a while but I had a big relocation (moved to another continent) and I hope you will forgive me.

I know we are all so busy and I won't keep you tied up here, reading this e-mail too long.

I am just going to point you to a few interesting posts on the site you might have missed and that is all:

1. Let me ask you if you had a nice Halloween last year. I know it is very old news, but if you have an interesting photo of your pet in the costume, it would be great if you would share it with us. To do so go to small pet costumes page.

2. Pet names posts had a great success and I have received some nice suggestions I've added to the list.
If you want to suggest a bird name, hop over to this page, the submission form is at the bottom. Oh, and just below the form you will find links to diferent bird name pages, don't miss on them.

3. If there is an interesting photo or a story you want to share, pet stories page is the place to do it.

4. Wanna read what others have said about their pets or see their pet photos? Just go to read your stories.

I promised this won't be a long e-mail so I am saying goodbye for now.

Keep your pets safe and hope to see you around!

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