I was wondering how you and your pet are doing lately?

I love hearing about my visitor's pets and it is always great to see their photos.

I was thinking about what other pet owners plan to do with their pets this spring? My plan is to play more with my puppy and teach my parakeet an additional word or two... like he isn't talking too much already.

Cool-small-pets.com has received a lot of your photos lately and I am loving every photo you send.

Most photos were submitted in the guinea pig pictures section and I can't even decide which one I like the most. They are all so gorgeous.

So since I can't choose my favorite, maybe you feel like voting and commenting on the submissions? If you do, you can see all the submissions here.

OK, to keep it short, here is a little present for you:

One of my favorite pet sitting companies is giving you 10% discount! Hope you will use it!
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Thanks and feel free to contact me with questions, comments, photos and stories!