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Let's see some cute guinea pig pictures. Oh, just before you scroll down to see some of the photos, let me ask you -- would you like to see YOUR little cavy here?

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Look at guinea pig pics and have fun!

Pinkie the Guinea Pig and Perky the Kitten Tottenahm London, September 1978

costume guinea pig pictures
You can find or make great costumes for these little pets.

chewing guinea pig pictures eating guinea pig pictures

guinea pig pictures
"Will someone feed me!?"

What about YOUR pictures and stories?

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Photos of other visitors' guinea pigs

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Hello! I am Rodrigo. No cameras, please. Brankica: Lol, did he just run away from you and the camera... So funny!

Butter Ball 9 Weeks 
Here is a picture of Butter Ball I recently found when he was 9 weeks old. He sure did (and still does) love his celery. Brankica: Oh, where did you …

Piggie Brothers 
Even though Butter Ball (left) and Puppy Paws (right) are brothers, they look so different. They are 19 weeks old here. And Butter Ball's hair is really …

Mistaken Identity 
One would think this little guy was a hedge hog.. but he is not.. its just our piggie Butter Ball being carried in his favorite position :) Brankica: …

New baby! 
This little piggy is the litter mate to Pearl . Don't know what to name this cutie! Any ideas? Brankica: Oh, I don't know which one is cuter. Were …

This little one is about 20 minutes old. Our first albino!!!! Brankica: Oh, as soon as I saw the picture I thought it must be a newborn. I bet its …

Tortoise shell American guinea pig 
My pet is a tortoise shell American guinea pig. It is 2 months old. He is called Nugget . It lives with a black and white crested guinea pig which …

A Teen Weeny Guinea Pig 
I don't know anything about guinea pigs, this was one of a litter my neighbors GP had, I think maybe a day old but I'm not sure. Brankica : Wow, it's …

Guinea Pig Family Not rated yet
Puppy Paws photo "Who are you calling a pig ?!?!?!?!" After eating another one of my living salads... This was the look Puppy paws gave me after …

Chillin' on the blanky! Not rated yet
This is the baby of my previous guinea pig picture that was uploaded. This is a dutch and abbysinian mix. An't he perty!!

This is Bubba Not rated yet
This is Bubba he is a gray and white dutch colored guinea pig. He is a little less than two years old. He is my little sweet heart. Bubba loves eating …

My Peruvian Guinea pig Myka Not rated yet
This is my Peruvian Guinea pig Myka He is such a great little boy! He has a facebook page called Piggie Palace :)

cindy n tinker Not rated yet
both are ten weeks old and i got them for my seven yr old daughter and she adores them

Harley, the guinea pig Not rated yet
"Harley "is a a sweet peruvian Guinea adopted at Petco and is very vocal and affectionette. She loves hay and parsely and most kinds of fruit, but has …

Lucy the Guinea Pig Not rated yet
I love my Guinea Pig, she is so sweet

Little Delilah  Not rated yet
my beautiful girl trying to blend in with my collection of stuffed animals

Five a day... Wheek Wheek  Not rated yet
My piggies and my son making sure they get their Five a Day. Guinea pig fact: Many foods are bad or even poisonous for guinea pigs. You should …

Born To Be Wild Piggies Not rated yet
Puppy Paws and Butter Balls decided they wanted to go on a bike ride :D :D :D.

Rules for all guinea piggies Not rated yet
These are rules me (Puppy Paws) and my brother (Butter Balls) live by... Wheek Wheek ;) Brankica: Susan, you are definitely cracking me up with Puppy …

Evenin All Not rated yet
Butter Ball is questioning Puppy Paws about all the the missing cucumber. Related pages: Butter Ball, the guinea pig, at 9 weeks Guinea pig …

What The? Not rated yet
As you can see, NOTHING gets past our piggie Puppy Paws. Related pages: Butter Ball, the guinea pig, at 9 weeks Guinea pig brothers

Piggie hug!!! Not rated yet
This is Peckles getting a hug from Adriano. Brankica: Awww, this is so cute!!! Guinea pig pages Guinea pig breeds and colors Guinea pig …

But Mum Where's Their Feet? Not rated yet
After seeing some of his other friends piggies, and of course reading books on them... My son still is having a hard time finding their feet... (Clue look …

Oh its you again!! Not rated yet
After waiting a week to try and get his picture "doing his piggie thing"... Puppy Paws seems to know what I am up to, and yes.. looks at the camera again …

My Good Side!! Not rated yet
Unlike Puppy Paws, Butter Ball is always making sure we got his "good side". Brankica: Maybe Puppy Paws should be a model or a movie star! Guinea …

Cucumber Time for Guinea pigs Not rated yet
My two piggie brothers enjoying their favorite treat! Only problem is... Every time they hear the fridge door open they think it is treat time and start …

What are you doing?! Not rated yet
Trying to take pictures of Puppy Paws can be a nightmare.. Can never seem to sneak on him without him noticing the camera :D So we have nick-named him …

GEORGINA and RODRIGO Not rated yet
RODRIGO: I am just wondering if you are free on 14th? GEORGINA: Yes, I am free. Brankica: Oh, this is awesome. I just have to say that if you wake …

My Guinea Piggies! Not rated yet
I have 8 piggies currently- super cute! Brankica: They sure are, I can't even pick a favorite, they are gorgeous!

Just bathed! Not rated yet
He is one of my eight gorgeous guineas, all incredibly cute! This piggie's name is Shpongle. Brankica: Oh, look at that cute nose. Looks like a teddy …

Our guinea pig litter from about 2 weeks Not rated yet
Guinea pig litter These little ones were a shocker. They are some of the calmest babies ever! Patty and her last baby This is mama and a baby …

Sleepy time! Not rated yet
My two piggie brothers love nothing better then, cuddling together under a blanket. Shortly after this picture was taken we got a yawn from both, and soon …

Black and white Abyssinian guinea pig  Not rated yet
This is Inky, he is just a day old. Brankica: Oh, Tracey, he is so cute. This must be one of the cutest piggies I have ever seen. Thank you so much …

Elvis' Christmas Adoption Not rated yet
This post is a sequel :) You can find the first post at Santa brought Sarge & Lil'Bit on a sleigh ride Christmas 2010 . the proud new …

Santa brought Sarge & Lil'Bit on a sleigh ride Christmas 2010 Not rated yet
Sarge is Abby Green's Christmas sweetie from Santa. Younger sister Anna was surprised by Santa with Lil'Bit! Elvis was a Christmas adoption …

More guinea pig pictures and stories from our readers

Annie Ryden Gault from England, Newark
My guinea pig is called Pumpkin. She's a self buff and her DOB is 15/09/07. Her sister, Lellafilla, is my little sister's guinea pig. Lella is a self buff too and she was born on the 6th of September, 2007. Our guinea pigs love being together and they both have very different personalities. Pumpkin is nervous and jumps whereas Lella is fat, lazy and soppy!! They both L O V E curly kale and green beans. No non-blurred photos, sorry!

Susan Pallett from England
Was looking up pictures of long haired guinea pigs for my son and came across one who looks like a double for our Butter Ball.

guinea pig pictures

Tammy S. from NW FL
I currently have 3 guinea pigs, 2 males & a female (don't worry the female has her own cage away from the boys & across the house). My 2 boys are brothers.

3 guinea pigs

Clara from Newark, Ohio
Hi my name is Clara. I would like to talk about my guinea pig, Twitchy. She does a cute "dance" if she gets an "unusual" feeling in her fur. She JUMPS up in the air and accidentally bumps her back on the ramps in her cage (ugh, how much pain THAT must be).

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