Hot Online Deals and Cheap Pet Supplies

Aren't cheap pet supplies what we all want? Here is a list of pet supplies that merchants that have offered discounts to Cool Small Pets readers. I will do my best to update these products. Although not showing in the ad, all of them, at the moment of posting, are having at least a 5% to 20% discount. Some even way more than that. So start going through these cheap pet supplies, you don't want to miss good deals. 

To purchase products and use discounts, just click on banners and links. Discounts on aquarium supplies for small pets such as lizards, reptiles, turtles and frogs are at the bottom of the page.

Pet Supplies from Leading Retailers

It is no wonder that Amazon is now one of the leading suppliers of pet supplies.  They also have a food membership club that offers discounts as large as 5% on purchases wiht free shipping.

Shop Amazon Pet Supplies and save now.

petsmart is the online home of the large pet supplies retailer. Cool Small Pets is part of a special program that ensures our readers recieve the latest discounts on everything they offer.

petco pet supplies

Petco is the leading pet specialty retailer. They provide the services and advice for any lover of exotic or small pets. Readers get access to the latest specials such as Free Shipping on orders or $9 or more, or $7 off orders of $70 or more. Petco is the store for everything your pet needs.


Target offers our readers free shipping on any purchase of $50 or more.  If you use your Target Credit Card save an additional 5%.


With free in-store pickup and the lowest prices around, Wal-Mart is the place for high quality cheap pet supplies. Click here for their latest pet related specials and product selection.

Lizard, Bird, Fish and Small Pet Aquarium Supplies and Accessories

big alls pet supplies

Big Als aquarium services is a chain of 20 stores from across the U.S. They offer over 21,000 products for reptiles, small animals, dogs, cats, birds and fish. Through a special arrangement with Cool Small Pets, Big Al's offers our readers FREE shipping on all pet supply orders over $75. Whether you need lizard supplies or guinea pig litter, big als is the place to shop and save.

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