I hope you are having a wonderful time with your pet. I also hope you had a nice vacation together this summer.

There have been many news lately where I live, considering abuse of animals. And I mean, terrible abuse. Why do people do that? I guess we may never really know the real reasons behind their behavior.

Can we change them? Probably not. But we can teach people around us what is the right thing to do. So, while you are having coffee with your neighbors, tell them how much fun you are having with your pet and how they really need our help. Maybe you will even persuade someone to adopt one.

If you see someone needing a pet sitter but can hardly afford one, why not volunteer and make a little play-date for your pet? You will be helping the person and get a buddy for your pet for a few hours.

In today's world, with this economy, having a pet is sometimes a struggle. But I admire people that still do it. So let us give them a helping hand.

Would you like to show off your pet? Feel free to send a photo or a story about your cute pet!

There was a contest held on the site recently and the winner was Ben Johnson. He won by submitting a story to the site and you can his review of "Pete's dragon" movie here, or you can submit your own pet related movie review. You can see his pet on our home page.