Great movies for pet lovers

I love great movies and especially the ones where there are a bunch of pets running around. I probably saw movies like Beethoven, Ratatouille and 101 Dalmatians at least 20 times each.

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Pet movies are very entertaining and very family friendly. They are often a very good way for kids to learn something about friendship and family. Even today, when we are all grown up, we often get together to watch some of the best animal cartoons and movies from our childhood.

What makes it better is that great movies about pets are still being made and nowadays they are made with new technology. They are at times more seen in cinemas than movies with real-life actors.

Some of those movies involve the work of the best actors and directors of today.

So I am going to share my favorites with you and recommend some of them. Rent a DVD or buy one, make a big bowl of popcorn, get your family together and spend some quality fun time with them.

We would also like you to share your favorite movies with us. Do a review of your favorite animal movie and suggest some of them to us. Even if you see that movie already reviewed by me or other visitors, feel free to do your own review. I love sharing with you and I love when you share with us.


G-force is a 2009. Disney movie introducing a team of guinea pigs trained by the government as special agents. It is a mix of real-life actors and computer generated animal characters. Not only guinea pigs but a mole, a fly and a crazy hamster will make you laugh and have 88 minutes of fun with your family. The movie is rated PG. I gave this movie a 4 star rating.

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101 Dalmatians 
101 Dalmatians (the animated version) is a movie my sister and I watched over and over again, until we knew every line in it. A story about an …

The Tale of Despereaux 
Who wouldn't love a story about a cute little mouse with oversized ears who gets banished from his home for having unrealistic dreams and ambitions …

Legend of the Guardians the Owls of Ga'hoole Not rated yet
Legend of the Guardians the Owls of Ga'hoole is a movie about a brave young barn owl named soren who joins a band of owls to vanquish evil and go on a …

Petes Dragon Not rated yet
It has been probably twenty years since I saw Petes Dragon . I think that it was actually a new release movie, at the time. I don't remember a lot …

Homeward Bound Not rated yet
My favorite pet movie is Homeward Bound . It is an older movie that my kids used to watch a lot when they were little. It is funny and a touching story. …

Lady and the Tramp Not rated yet
I could go on and on when it comes to old Disney animation. It beats that newfangled, computer generated animation hands down! And the music? Love …

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