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You have a cute pet? Or a story about him? Want to share a story about a pet that is no longer with you? This is the perfect place for you!

Cute pets' stories

All of us pet lovers are proud of the pets we take care of. Sometimes we think they are the cutest ones out there. Sometimes we realize they are not, but they are so good to us that we don't care how they look.

Most pet owners like to brag about their pets and I believe this is the place for those.

There are no limits to this page. You can post photos, stories, tips or anything else you want as long as it is related to your cute favorite pet!

You had more than one? No problem there. You can put them all on one page or create a separate page for each and every pet you've loved!

So join in the bragging community and show off your little buddy.

Other cute pets and their stories

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My clever guinea pig 
When I was a teenager of about 12 or 13 I got a guinea pig which I called Barry. Money was short, and we couldn't afford a large cage for him. Instead, …

Bambi sitting in her bowl 
We have a 3 year old Chihuahua mix and when she is hungry she sits in her bowl until we give her food! If not she be pushing her bowl around to try to …

Rocky Not rated yet
I have a pet turtle who thinks he's a dog. He loves attention and his chin scratched. His favorite thing to do is watch cartoons. It's funny. Lately …

Max the Cocker Spaniel Puppy Not rated yet
One day we were mopping, and my little sister let out our puppy, max who is a min pin cocker spaniel mix, and he came over to where we were mopping, and …

Swamp Cat Not rated yet
I have a cat named Louie, he is around 8 months old. A family friend found him in the South Carolina swamps. He was 6 weeks then. We took him in, he …

The Cat Diva Not rated yet
My cat named Sol (Sun in Spanish) is an absolute diva! She loves the attention to be all on her. Every time we take out the camera to take pictures of …

Batman the chiuaua Not rated yet
Well, everybody, this is Batty. (Batman, if he really wants to intimidate the Rottwiellers on our street). As you can see, he is quite the ladies dog. …

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