Did my cool house contribute to my parakeet's death?

Did my cool house contribute to my parakeet's death?

by Judy
(Niagara Falls, NY)

My parakeet died and I am wondering why. Did I do something wrong?

My aunt passed away in May (2010) and I inherited her parakeet. I'm told he was between 4-6 yrs of age. The cage was cleaned every other day, food was refreshed the same way.

He was fine this morning & afternoon. When I went to cover his cage tonight he was dead. I don't know if the house was too cold for him (I keep it at about 68)or if something else happened. I noticed that he was going to the bottom of his cage a lot in recent days and last Sunday he spit up some of his food.

Was the house too cold for him? Or do they just die like that? I'm heartbroken -- he was a nice bird and we were just starting to really bond. Did the fact that the house was cool contribute to his death?

Reply: I am so sorry to hear you lost your aunt! And sorry about your pet parakeet :(
The temperature itself is probably not the reason as it was optimal for this little bird, since the best temperature for them is between 65 and 72 degrees F (18 – 20 C).

There are many things that affect these little birds and the worst thing is that often they don't show they are sick until they are too sick.
At that point of time, it is usually too late. They sometimes show some illness symptoms but if you had no previous experience with parakeets, you would probably miss them.

Although the temperature was OK, maybe it was much different from what he was used to. You see, they can even live outside, in pretty cold weather, but if you take them in, and they get used to very warm room, they will die when the temperature goes down.
Also, maybe he caught some draft from an open window or something. They are very sensitive and you can never know what actually hurt them.

I really hope you will manage to get over this fast. I know it will be hard, as loosing a little friend parakeet is always a stress.
As soon as you feel better, read more on parakeets and go get yourself a new friend. And come back for any help you need!

For more info on parakeet illnesses you can see the list of parakeet illnesses and learn how to prevent and treat parakeet illness.

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Sep 27, 2010
So sad
by: Gabriela

I am so sad to hear this. I had this happen to me before, loosing a parakeet for no obvious reason. Hope you get a new one soon.

Feb 23, 2011
Im sorry
by: Selena

mines died and i was crying a little he was at the bottom of the cage and he was just a little baby
i just bought him like 21 days ago im sad :(

Feb 24, 2011
Sorry Selena
by: Brankica

I am so sorry you lost your parakeet as well.

I hate when that happens. I kinda expect them to die after a few years, but I always have trouble dealing with death of a pet that is a baby.

Oct 19, 2011
by: SoFii18

My parakee twitter died today came home n I didn't see him in his cage as he's usually outside on my porch ..& I look inside the cage and he was laying on the bottom leftside of his cage :,( I'm overwhelmed I don't kno how or why but I did notice him getting puffy looking at times but sometimes I would be late on trying to give him more food I don't know if it was my fault or not but I do feel bad I don't want to get another one because I don't want my bird to die again on me.

Nov 19, 2011
Parakeets are VERY sensitive
by: Brankica

So sorry to hear about your pet as well. Any temperature change and a little bit of draft can hurt parakeets.

I have seen people keeping them outside and they would live outside in cold (which I don't recommend), but as soon as you put him in the house, he gets used to the warmth and even the slightest draft can kill him :(

Feb 11, 2012
sorry same thing happen to us
by: Jay Santero

I'm so sorry and the same thing to my family.Our parakeet Happy died. My kids said it was laying on the floor.So they took it upstairs to show their cousin that lived at our house.That how he showed us the bird.The kids was worried.Well we have another parakeet named Twinkle.But the kids are still worried.They like when the two parakeets was their.And again sorry.

Feb 26, 2017
Parakeets death NEW
by: Anonymous

Don't know what caused my bird to die but it was sudden. Didn't notice anything unusual. I had two birds & the other one is fine so far. I found the one that died on the bottom of the cage dead. He always was the one that would flip the cage door up when it was time for me to feed him. In fact, he had just been doing that this morning. Then this afternoon I found him. He had some places/bumps on his face & couldn't see his eyes. Very odd! Can you tell what that might have been to cause his death? Upset over this!!

May 10, 2023
I'm sad NEW
by: Lloyd

We just lost our mom and she had a parakeet we took it and we love it . it had such a personality I told my wife it was to cold in our house for it since she like to keep it at 61.i know what you are going through sorry about your loss

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