Budgie Parakeets are Wonderful pets

You are here, so I am guessing you love budgie parakeets (also called budgies or budgerigar). Want to get one of these cute little birds?

I don't think you can regret this decision. If you live in a small apartment, they are one of the best small pets you could ever have.

Let me explain the terminology. If you are from the USA, it would be enough for us to say parakeet and you would think of the little bird from the photo below, but for some other parts of the world that bird is a budgie or a budgerigar, and parakeet would be any small parrot with long tail, not necessarily this one.

Budgie parakeet playing chess
Photo courtesy of striatic/flickr

I have had several of these little parrots through all these years and own one young bird at the moment. He is the craziest bird alive :) And I love him so much.

Go for budgie parakeets as pets if ...

  • you spend all day at home (or at least a bigger part of it)
  • you are OK with loud noises he can make
  • you are OK with him making a minor mess every day
  • you are not allergic to feathers
  • you like interacting and playing with pets
  • you can make sure the parakeet will not fly out of the apartment
  • you can guarantee it will not be eaten by another animal (yes, unfortunately this happens)
  • you do not want to have an expensive pet that will be a menace to the budget
  • you are not a very, very young child - but we recommend a pet parakeet as a good pet for children of certain age

I think it is very easy to "qualify as a suitable parakeet owner". He is a good pet that will make various human personalities happy.

blue budgie parakeet in cage

You found yourself in all the above and you have definitely decided on getting a parakeet. Then you have just discovered a new best friend, a lovely animal that can make you smile all the time.

Don't forget

Parakeets are very social animals. They like company. If you do not have a lot of spare time to spend playing with him, talking to him and taming him but you still want this pet it would be better to get a pair of budgie parakeets.

More parakeet information

Budgie parakeets are about 18 centimeters long (that would be around 7 inches). Males weigh around 30 to 40 grams while females are a little bit lighter.

Their basic colors are light-green and yellow. Of course, today you can find them in blue-and-yellow, blue-and-white, blue, just yellow, just white, etc. There are a lot of parakeet colors and varieties.

blue budgie looking smart They are originally from Australia and they live in flocks. If you are getting a budgie parakeet or a pair of them from a pet shop you will get birds that are bred in captivity. Unless you are living in Australia and catch one.

Budgie parakeets have strong voices so be prepared. My little bird demonstrates this every day. If there is silence in the house he is silent. As soon as someone is on the phone or guests are visiting, he is like the loudest fire truck siren.

Let us not forget that budgie parakeets can learn to talk. They can learn a couple of hundreds, even a thousand words. The record holds a parakeet that lived in London. They say he knew 2.000 words. A female is not as good learner as a male but they can still learn 100 words.

If you want to teach your parakeet to talk you need to get a very young male parakeet and keep him alone in your apartment, without other parakeets around.

Once you get your pet, pay special attention to certain body parts, like parakeet beak that can tell you both about parakeet's health and sex of the parakeet.

You need to take good care of him so make sure you have all the needed parakeet information before you bring the pet home. This includes a high quality pellet based parakeet food.

Taking care of a new parakeet is not very difficult, just read short guidelines about this and you are all set to go.  Your parakeet will live between 15 and 18 years with a healthy diet and a caring owner.

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