Choose the right guinea pig cage

Choosing the right guinea pig cage is important for all new guinea pig owners. Your pet will be spending a lot of time in the cage so you want it to be the nicest possible.

guinea pig biting the cageMy two guinea pigs walk around the apartment all day but they love going back to the cage, either to eat or pee. So I keep it open all day. The only time I close their cage is when they fall asleep at night.

One important note before you start choosing the cage: guinea pigs need bigger cages than hamsters so don't let some tricky pet shop salesmen sell you the wrong cage. Instead, you can just shop online.

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My guinea pig cage selection

Midwest Interactive Guinea Habitat Plus

guinea pig cageThe size of this cage is 9 square feet and it is easily accessible. You can remove the bottom and wash it so this cage is a good choice for easy maintenance.

This is an interactive guinea pig cage which means it is very convenient for households with kids that want to play with pets. You can even expand this cage. It has a removable top and canvas covers which are hand washable.

This is the cage I use for my guinea pigs so I can recommend it.

You can buy additional ramp covers, top panels, divider panels and canvas bottom separately, so this is one more option that makes it a great choice.

Amazon costumer review
"This is a great Guinea Pig Condo. My pig loves having two seperate rooms and he uses the ramp quite well. My pig moved in last night and has been jumping for joy ever since. I only have one pig but he seems so much happier than he was living in a confined space. He has been popcorning and thanking me all day."

Price: from $58 to $99.99.

Super Pet My First Home Complete Guinea Pig Kit

guinea pig cage

This item is a great choice for first time guinea pig owners. It is also a great deal to buy one for kids that insist on getting a pet.

It includes home, bedding, food, treat, toy, water bottle, food dish, and pet care guide. It is made from chew-proof coated wire.

Amazon costumer review
"I recieved a guinea pig as a gift and two months later she gave birth to 3 more... needed to expand the encloser as I am protective of my pets. They love this home. It is very reasonable and they seem to be fine with it. Great deal."

Price: from $50 to $70.

Super Deluxe Multi-Level Pet Home with Stand

guinea pig cage

This is a multi level cage that is not only great as a guinea pig cage but is also great for ferrets and rats. This cage includes safety ramps, spiral slide, hammock, FerreTrail Fun-nel, and 3 comfort shelves

It is a bit more pricey than the others I have selected for you but it is a great deal for what it offers.

Amazon costumer review
"I love this cage! I have two little chinchillas, Giggly Puff and Gaia, and they both just love hopping around on the four levels as well as the ramp, the slide, and the tube thing. I feel like a lot of the other cages at the pet store are a lot smaller and just as expensive. This cage really is a good deal."

Price: from $85 to $167.

Super Pet Guinea Pig Habitat

guinea pig cage

This is a smaller cage but it can be used for guinea pigs. It is a great solution for traveling since it is very compact. I chose this as a cheaper, yet good enough cage.

Amazon costumer review
"I received the pet cage on time and in great condition it was delivered to my house sooner then expected and was easy to put together was done in 5 min and there was no problems! I highly recommend ordering a pet cage from this company not only was it smooth process but it was an excellent price!"

Price: from $40 to $46.

I have included different sizes and prices in this selection so that everyone can find an appropriate cage. If you can afford it, always buy a bigger guinea pig cage.

It will give enough space to your pet so he can run around and enough space for you to put some toys to keep him company when you are not around.

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