Guide to the Types of Lizards


All of the types of lizards listed below and pictures are found in captivity at zoos or in home lizard cages. The first section lists lizards by what they eat, and the second section lists lizards based on their habit.  Note that regardless of primary food groups, must lizards benefit from a varied diet that includes plants, fruit, dark leafy vegetables, insects and some meat.  That said, there are complete commercial diets available for certain lizard breeds.  See our section on Lizard food.

Lizard Lists:

By diet:
       Herbivores: plant eaters
       Insectivores: insect eaters
       Carnivores: the meat eaters
       Omnivores: plant and meat eaters

Types of Lizards by environment:
       Desert Lizards
       Savanna Lizards
       Water Lizards
       Woodlands and Tropical Lizards

Herbivorous Lizards (plant eating lizards):

    • Prehensile-tailed skink (Corucia zebrata)

      prehensile tailed skink
      Picture Credit: Tycase2, Wikimedia

    • Green Iguana (Iguana Iguana, Cyclura, Diposaurus)

      green iguana
      Picture Credit: Franz Xaver

    • Chuckwallas


    • Spiny-tailed agamids (Uromastyx)

      spiny tailed agamid
      Source: Wikimedia, Picture Credit: MAJ Kathleen A. Hoard, U.S. Marine Corps

      Insectivorous Lizards (eat insects for Protein)

References for Types of Lizards:

Lizard Care from A to Z (recommended book)

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