Homemade pet odor removal mixes that work

Homemade pet odor removal will be one important point of your interest when having pets. And anything else that will help you get rid of pet odors from your apartment.

Pet odors are nothing to be afraid of. Pets are not smelly if you take good care of them.

The most important thing is to clean them regularly. Cleaning pets include washing them (at least the ones that can get baths) and more important cleaning their habitats.

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What causes pet odors?

Most common sources of pet odors are:

  • pet urine
  • not cleaning the pet
  • not cleaning the habitat
  • sick pet

Most of the times when something smells bad it is urine. Your pet peed somewhere and it smells bad? In case you see the pet doing it get a clean towel (paper will do) and blot the spot straight away.

Cute kittens

Try not to push the urine deeper in the carpet as it will be much more difficult to clean it and get rid of the odor.

In case you see the stain in time it will be very easy to prevent it from becoming a smelly spot. Try to prevent the odor since most of pet odors come from old stains.

Also make sure that once you clean the stain the odor is gone. This happens a lot, the stain is cleaned but you can still smell the odor. That requires more cleaning.

So if your dog/cat/hamster pees all over the house and carpets, there will be pet odors in your apartment. Homemade pet odor removal mixes are the fastest and the cheapest solution for this problem.

One of my pet odors stories

I had a situation when our puppy peed on the wood floor that had a lacquer coating. We did not notice it for about 10 minutes as he did it in another room. By the time I saw it and cleaned it, it dissolved the lacquer leaving the wood without coating!

It seems so funny now that I remember about it but it was not funny at the time, when my mom was so mad, threatening to throw us and the puppy out of the window. Of course she did not, but she loved to say that any time we did something wrong. Or in this case, when puppy did something wrong.

Clean straight away

It is very important (if possible) to clean the urine as soon as the pet pees. That will prevent most of the odors, as the urine will not have the time to get deeper in the carpet or floors.

Cute sad puppy

The other biggest cause for odors to be unpleasant is not cleaning the pet or habitat. Not only urine but all rotting food and other substances will join in and smell bad.

As a pet odor source we must mention a sick animal. If your pet starts smelling bad suddenly even though you are taking good care of him, you should check with the vet.

What homemade pet odor removal mix to use?

These are the ingredients you can use to make homemade pet odor removal mixes that work (in different combination explained below):

  • white vinegar
  • baking soda
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • dish washing liquid

Below are recommendations how exactly to make homemade pet odor removal mixes. Note that the mixes go from the weakest to the strongest. Some of them are for fresh stains and some for the old ones.

If you are working with a fresh urine puddle, blot the spot with paper towel and spray it with mixed vinegar and warm water. This should "kill" the smell. You can mix equal parts of water and vinegar. After this you can clean it with baking soda or any carpet cleaner you usually use.

In case the urine left a stain you can put some baking soda and water on the spot. Once it dries just vacuum the powder from the spot.

One more suggestion would be a mix of vinegar, baking soda and water. Mix all together, put it on the stain, blot again and leave it to dry. This even helps with older stains.

Some older stains will be better cleaned with white vinegar. Do not add water, just clean the stain with vinegar and leave it to dry.

One more homemade pet odor removal mix is water, vinegar and dish washing liquid. Equal parts of water and vinegar with a table spoon of dish washing liquid. Again, put it on the stain and leave it to dry.

Instead of vinegar, you can use peroxide but this is a bit tricky. Mix of peroxide, baking soda and water on your colored rug or carpet can damage it and fade the color. So if you want to use this mix, check how will it work with your carpet by trying it out on a hidden spot.

Mix 3% peroxide (about 350 milliliters/12 ounces) with dish washing liquid (one spoon) and baking soda (one spoon) for strong stains. Put this mix over the stain and wait for it to dry. Vacuum after it is dry and it should solve the problem.

Never use ammonia as a urine stain removal because it smells almost the same as urine. So not only it will smell but it will be even more interesting for your pet to pee in the same spot.

I have tried out all of these mixes throughout the years and they are very good. Sometimes the effect depends a little bit on the material the carpets are made of, but these mixes will definitely make your life with a pet in a small apartment easier.

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