Recommended Guinea Pig Accessories

You should have a list of guinea pig accessories before you bring the pet home. Having everything in the habitat already will make sure you don't have to stress the little one with adding new stuff all the time in the first few days.

So what accessories will you need for your guinea pig and its cage?

Essential of Guinea Pig Accessories

To read more details on each item from the list, scroll below. 

  1. Guinea pig cage
  2. Cuddle Cup
  3. Hay rack
  4. Food dish
  5. Water bottle
  6. A pet carrier
  7. Harness


Of course, the number one thing is the cage. You can read more details about guinea pig cages here.

Guinea Pig Cage
This Best Selling Guinea Pig Cage Features A Plastic Bottom Base and a Well Ventilated Habitat. Food Dishes Secure to the Floor
Shown: Living World Deluxe Habitat (Best Selling Guinea Pig Cage on Amazon)

Guinea Pig Bed

The next thing you may want to consider, to make the habitat more comfortable for your guinea pigs and at the same time keep them cleaner, is getting a "cuddle cup". Cuddle cup is a small pet bed, where your guinea pig will be comfortable sleeping and will stay out of the mess on the floor of the cage.

Guinea Pig Cuddle-E-Cup Bed
Guinea Pig Bed Offers an Ultra-Soft Padded Fleece Interior and a Nylon Strap That
Secures the Bed Into Position
Show: Plush Culle-E-Cup Habitat Floor Sleeper From Amazon (under $20)

Hay rack

You should definitely get one of these. I hadn't had one for a long time, and my guinea pigs' cage was always a mess of their hay mixed with the bedding. When I finally found one of these racks, I managed to make a better habitat for them. Now they have hay in the rack so they can nibble on it all the time.

guinea pig hay rack
A Guinea Pig Hay Rack Is  A Simple, Safe and Sanitary Way to Distribute Hay in a Chew Proof Rack
Shown: Ware Manufacturing Hay Feeder  (Amazon under $7)

Food dish

You can use a dish for both food and water. I like to use a bottle for water and a regular dish for food. Here is the cutest dish I could find for you and the good things is that it is ceramic so your piggies won't chew it as they can with a plastic one. It is also easy to clean.

guinea pig bowl
Durable Chew Proof Ceramic Guinea Pig Bowl
Shown: Kaytee Paw-Print Petware Bowl (Under $8, Amazon)

Water bottle

I always use water bottles for my small pets. It keeps water clean because if you put it in a dish, the pet will often mess it up with food and droppings. Or sometimes, they just walk all over the dish.

Guinea Pig water bottle
This is the #1 Small Pet Water Bottle on Amazon. It has a leak-proof nozzle
and no drip design not to mention that is BPA Free.
Shown: Choco Nose Patented No Drip Water Bottle (Amazon under $13)

Pet carrier

You may want to travel somewhere and bring your pet with you. In that case, you should own one of these carriers. They make carrying your pet easier and this specific carrier has air vents, double zippers, a handle and a storage spot for small accessories.

Guinea Pig Carrier
Sturdy Secure Guinea Pig Carrier With a Simple Design for Easy Cleaning. Perfect for Visits to the Vet or a Friend's Home
Shown: Favorite Top Load Portable Guinea Pig Carrier (Amazon $23)

Harness for Guinea Pigs

This is a great accessory for your pet guinea pigs. They need exercise and fresh air as any other pet. So what better than take them for a walk. They don't need to be walked a lot, but if the weather is nice and you can provide a patch of grass, they will enjoy exploring it.

To make sure you don't lose your pet or for it not to run away, put this cute harness on him or her and enjoy your walk. (Make sure to get the smallest size available).

Guinea Pig Harness and Leash

Safe and Comfortable Guinea Pig Harness and Leash
Shown: Ware Manufacturing Sporty Jogging Vest (Amazon Under $9)

Now you have a complete list of guinea pig accessories to get you started.

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