guinea pig

guinea pig

my guinea pig has a lump in her stomach like a tenis ball its hard shes been with a male 5 weeks ago would she be pregnet she is 10 months old if not what could it be thankyou

Guinea pig will carry the babies from about 60 to 75 days. Since your female was with a male 5 weeks ago, I guess she could be pregnant.

If this is her first pregnancy, she is in very high risk of dying. She might have trouble giving birth to pups or not even being able to give birth. In this case, she will need a C-section and the survival rate is really low.

In case she is not pregnant, there is very well chance she is sick.

For both possibilities, you will need to take the piggy to the vet so they can determine exactly what is wrong with her and give you the right treatment.

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