Hamster With Green Poop

Hamster With Green Poop

by Jayme

I have a Winter White Hamster and I didn't change anything in his diet, but his poop changed from black to green. Is this serious?

Vet Suggestion Green Hamster Stool

Hello Jayme,

A change in diet is the most common reason for the color of a hamster’s feces to change. If you didn’t change the main part of his diet, it is still possible that some new treats (fruits, vegetables, etc.) might be to blame.

As long as your hamster’s feces are otherwise normal – no diarrhea, mucus, abnormally bad smells, etc. – and his appetite and behavior have not changed, it is reasonable to simply keep a close eye on things. However, if at any time his condition deteriorates you should take him to see a veterinarian.

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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