Harley, the guinea pig

Harley, the guinea pig

by jennifer lopez
(Ca USA)

Harley my little baby girl

Harley my little baby girl

"Harley "is a a sweet peruvian Guinea adopted at Petco and is very vocal and affectionette.
She loves hay and parsely and most kinds of fruit, but has to have her carrots stemed. Spoiled? Yes! Cute? Yes! Loved? Yes, yes, yes!

She was first thought to be a male, thus named "Harley Davidson" but after a weekend being chased down by my sons guinea pig "Hammy" we realized she was a girl. She is now named "HarliQuin" after mushy romance novel. But we call her harley!

Check her out on YouTube : Blondjlos channel or under Guinea pig love denied not getting any action

Brankica: I can only imagine her being chased :) They are so crazy in pairs! Did you have any babies after that? Or are they fixed?

Love her she is gorgeous!

Guinea pig fact:

Peruvian guinea pig has straight hair, several inches long. It takes a lot of time to groom this pet. Described in simple words his hair falls from the top of the body to all sides.

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