Helping a Rabbit Die Peacefully

Helping a Rabbit Die Peacefully

by Joanna

My 10 yrs old female rabbit lost a lot of weight and it seemed to be breathing slow and heavily before it died.

She was semi unconscious most of the time (within a day).

Can rabbits die peacefully without lethal injection? or they normally squeal (scream) then die?

Vet Comment on a Peaceful Rabbit Death

Hi Joanna,

It is possible for rabbits (or any animal for that matter) to die peacefully without assistance, but in most cases they do suffer significantly without euthanasia and/or hospice care.

If your rabbit was unconscious prior to death, I suspect her suffering was minimal during that time, but it is difficult for me to say what she experienced when she was alert.

I do recommend that a veterinarian be involved in end-of-life care for all companion animals so that the process can be as pain-free and peaceful as possible.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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