Name of Guinea Pig Fur and Coloration

Name of Guinea Pig Fur and Coloration

by Sherri

I am trying to find out what the name of my daughter's guinea pig fur is called. Her guinea pig is brown at the top of the body with a ring of white in the middle of her body and her back side is 3/4 brown with red color on the left side. white stripe on face. is this agouti?

Editor Comment on Agouti Guinea Pig

Hi Sherri

Based on the description you provided, it's possible that your daughter's guinea pig has an agouti coat pattern. Agouti is a type of fur coloration where each hair has multiple bands of color, creating a "ticked" or "salt-and-pepper" appearance.

Agouti guinea pigs typically have a distinctive pattern of alternating bands of light and dark colors, giving them a natural or "wild" appearance. However, without a picture or more detailed information, it's difficult to say for sure what your daughter's guinea pig's fur type is.

Other common fur types in guinea pigs include solid, broken, roan, and satin. If you're still unsure about your daughter's guinea pig's fur type, you may want to consult with a veterinarian or a guinea pig expert for more information.


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