Newt and Frog Pond

Newt and Frog Pond

by Dana
(Uncasville, ct)



Reader Question: Newts and Frogs in One Pond

We have a frog pond in Ct. This year we found an orange newt and a black newt in our frog pond. Will the newts bother the frogs or vise versa?

Veterinarian Comments

Hi Dana,

Newts are a common predator of tadpoles, so if the population of newts increases in your pond it is quite possible that the numbers of frogs will decrease. This is a natural situation, however, so I would not recommend trying to alter it.

A balance of predator and prey (many species, including frogs and newts, are both) is indicative of a healthy ecosystem. It is normal to see fluctuation in population over time. For example, if frog numbers decline there will be less food for the newts and their population will shrink, which would lead to a rebound in frogs.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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