Parakeet feather loss on head

Parakeet feather loss on head

Just yesterday my son noticed that our parakeet didn't look right, his feathers are missing on his head and it looks bald and raw.

This has never happened before. We've had him for approx. 5 years. He's been healthy with the exception of nasal mites,which have been treated by a vet. So I know that's not the problem.

What could be the cause of his feather loss and raw looking patches?

I am guessing he is the only parakeet you have in the cage and that there are no parakeets that could have done it to him.

If you have not seen any other changes in his behavior (scratching his head everywhere so it causes the feathers to fall off) and he doesn't seem sick (check here for parakeet illness symptoms) it could be caused by parasites.

In this case, you will have to see a vet (or contact one online) so he can prescribe the right medicine.

Hope this helps a bit and that your bird will be fine in a matter of days.

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