Parakeet health checklist

Here is a parakeet health checklist, so let's keep that bird's health at the top level.

To make sure your pet budgie parakeet stays healthy you need to:Two pet parakeets

  • give him enough of good quality food
  • diversify your parakeet's diet, he eats more than just seeds
  • do not feed him with food we eat
  • give him fresh water every day
  • keep his food and water dishes clean at all times
  • clean the cage and its accessories as often as you can
  • make sure you remove all the leftovers from the cage (pieces of apples, etc)
  • get him some toys to make him happy and busy
  • keep him out of the draft
  • keep him away from human beauty products (deodorants, perfumes, etc)
  • keep the pet away from house cleaning products
  • try to remove all potentially hazardous items (even certain plants) from his surroundings
  • keep doors and windows closed if he is flying around the room
  • spend time playing with your pet
  • do not leave the pet out of the cage unattended.

Every owner wants for parakeet health to be as good as it gets. Well, most of it will depend on you.

Pets are somewhat like children, sometimes worse. Your child, as a baby, will not be able to tell you what problem he/she has. But eventually, the baby will grow, learn to speak and tell you he/she has some tummy ache. Now, with pets it does not get easier with time since they can never tell you what the problem is.

OK, I know I said a parakeet can learn to talk but I don't believe, or better said I do not know of any budgie parakeet that can make a sentence and tell you what he thinks ;)

This does not mean that in case your little pet bird gets sick you will not be able to help him. You need to know some basic things about parakeet health to make sure you prevent illness or at least recognize when your parakeet is ill.

blue and white parakeet

Healthy parakeet

A healthy bird has brisk eyes. The area around his eyes is clear and covered in small feathers.

Its body is completely covered in feathers. The feathers are smooth and shiny.

If healthy, your budgie parakeet should be moving easily around the cage or flying around the apartment. He should be doing this almost all day. Of course they rest sometimes but it is not the majority of their time.

Fun fact

Budgie parakeet eats seeds very fast, without much thinking. That is rare for the family of Psittacidae he belongs to as they are very cautious how they take seeds.

Parakeets have big appetite when they are feeling good. The pet is chewing on some food almost all the time. A healthy pet will eat about 6 grams (0,2 ounces) of seeds every day. This amount is much higher if you keep him in cold environment. I believe this is not the case as I am mostly talking about small apartments but you never know... you could be gone for a day and not know that the heating is not working...

From time to time budgie parakeet will drink some water too. Daily consumption of water is about 3 ml (0,1 ounces).

A healthy budgie parakeet is very talkative and plays with his toys. If you are around, he is always trying to play with you.

Parakeet's droppings should be brown/white and look like paste, not too liquid.

Now that you know what a healthy parakeet is - we need to see how to keep him that way.


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