Parakeet Not Standing Properly

Parakeet Not Standing Properly

by Russel
(Jersey City New Jersey U.S.)

Sick Parakeet has Trouble Standing

Sick Parakeet has Trouble Standing

Reader Question: Parakeet Cannot Stand Properly

Hi, I am not sure what is wrong with my budgie but I found it on the bottom of the cage sort of laying on it's abdomen. I tried searching online but wasn't entirely sure of what is wrong with it.

I took it out of its' cage to see if it could still walk and yes it could but he could not fly too well. He tried to get up on something but fell a short distance down. He can only fly slightly vertical while still getting some height.

He did fly a good distance across the room once but that is about it. I read it could be sick or has an egg but I am not sure. I've had this guy along with another budgie and 2 Cockatiels for a year now. Any help would greatly be appreciated thanks.

Veterinarian Suggestion: Parakeet That Cannot Stand or Fly


I cannot diagnose your parakeet without having the chance to examine it, but common causes of symptoms like those that you describe are trauma, infections (viral, bacterial or fungal), egg binding (if female), malnutrition, parasites, exposure to toxins, and cancer.

A veterinarian will need to examine your bird, obtain a full history regarding previous health problems, diet, etc., and perhaps run some tests before being able to tell you what is going on and how/if it can be treated.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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