Poop problem and trembling.

Poop problem and trembling.

by Norman
(United States)

Two of my three parakeets seem to constantly be trembling and closing their eyes. Also, one of the two has some poop that is on his butt. This poop is not like the little pellets they normally drop. It is much bigger and seems to just hang there.

Please help I love my parakeets!

Vet Suggestion for Sick Parakeet

Hello Norman,

Your parakeet’s symptoms are very worrisome. I especially don’t like the fact that two birds are affected. This makes it likely that a contagious disease or major management problem is to blame and that soon all of your birds will be affected. The list of possible causes for the symptoms you describe is long and contains some very serious, potentially life-threatening conditions.

I cannot begin to narrow them down without first performing a physical exam, some diagnostic tests, and getting more information about the bird’s lifestyle and management. Make an appointment with a veterinarian who has expertise in the treatment of birds. If you don’t know of such a vet, the Association of Avian Veterinarian’s website can help you find one.

In the meantime, thoroughly sanitize everything in your birds’ cage(s) and keep them impecably clean. Provide fresh water every day. Replace their food with a new batch of their favorite type (pellets are better than seeds but this is not the time to make a diet change). Make sure the cages are in a draft-free location and warmed to around 83 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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