RSPCA Reptile Rescue

RSPCA Reptile Rescue

by Richard Adams

Here in the UK we are a pet loving nation and there are many pet adoption centres in existence, often run by passionate, caring individuals, to help any cats, dogs or small furry pets find new homes if their original owners can no longer look after them.

However there are far fewer adoption centres for exotic pets - partly I think because these kinds of pets tend to be less popular than a cute puppy or a fluffy rabbit and partly because they require such specialist care that few "standard" adoption centres can cater for them properly and offer accurate advice on their care.

However down on the south coast, just outside Brighton, you will find just such a centre - named RSPCA Reptile Rescue. For those outside the UK, RSPCA stands for the Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals, and is on a par with the US-based ASPCA. To the best of my knowledge this one site is the only reptile adoption centre they run and while I do not work there, I have been to look around and have even volunteered there in the past so I am familiar with their work.

The site is run by Keith, a passionate and experienced reptile keeper, who originally started the shelter from his own home before it became so popular he moved into into the dedicated facility in which it exists now. The RSPCA Reptile Rescue centre takes in exotic pets from all across the south of England, keeps them safe and sound and, in exchange for a small fee, most of them can be adopted by caring reptile keepers who would rather give a home to an unwanted pet rather than buying a new one from a pet shop.

Doing so not only helps to support the work of the reptile rescue, as well as giving an exotic pet a new home, but can also both save you money if you had bought the same animal from a pet shop as well as connecting you with a group of experienced reptile keepers who are available to offer help and advice in the future should you need it.

Having adopted several animals from there myself I can tell you I have been tremendously satisfied with my experience and should you be UK-based and considering getting an exotic pet I strongly recommend you check out the RSPCA Reptile Rescue centre in Patcham, Sussex.

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