Skunk odor removal formula

Skunk odor removal formula

by Martin
(Cincinnati, Oh USA)

Hooch the pooch

Hooch the pooch

Skunk odor is something you probably hope never to encounter.

There are all sorts of odor sources and odors. They are not alike nor do they respond to the same chemicals.

The hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and detergent formula for all of the popular homemade odor removal products was originally published in 1993. by a chemist named Paul Krebaum. He created it as a cure for skunk odor. And guess what...It works pretty well on skunk odor!

There are other safe skunk odor products that really work and will not hurt your pets eyes. Don't believe the enzyme product claims.

Our reply:
Martin, thank you for a great tip. We have had luck not to live anywhere close to the skunks so we did not have to worry about this terrible odor.

While at skunk odor, we got another tip from a visitor that tried removing it with tomato juice - she says it does not work.

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