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Who am I?

I am Brankica and I love working on a site about my passion - pets. If you want to know more about me and who is behind all the pages on this site you can read my About me page.

I create Cool Small Pets site with all the love I feel for pets and all the wish to help pet lovers. I love helping pet lovers and owners and even more sharing my experiences and communicating with all of you.

If you follow me:

Almost all of my tweets are related to pets. Sometimes I will inform you if there is some new info on the site. Sometimes I will share an interesting pet related story with you. Sometimes I will find a good offer to save you money on pet supplies.

I joined Twitter to promote my site but sometimes I will throw in a tweet about other things that interest me like sports, travel, electronics, books, etc.

Should you follow me?

It is completely your decision and I are not even trying to persuade you. I can only tell you what to expect (or not) from me.

Do not expect me to tweet every minute of the day or sometimes not even every day. I don't tweet about what I had for breakfast, what color my mom uses to paint the kitchen or who am I having coffee with. I tweet when there is something useful I want to share with you.

I want to add value to my relationship with you by showing you things I think can help and inform.

You can expect me to share updates from this site, interesting pet related stories and some useful money saving offers I run into.

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