Types of pet turtles you can keep in your home

There are several popular types of pet turtles. If you have definitely decided to keep a turtle as a pet in your small apartment this is the list I chose for you.

I will tell you about these pets mostly using the term turtles but depending on what part of English speaking world are you from; you might hear or use expressions as: turtle, tortoise and terrapin. American English definition would be the closest to what I feel comfortable calling a turtle since that would include all freshwater and some land species.

Choosing which type of small pet turtle you will get won't be that hard because they need different habitats to live in.

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Let's see what the most common pet turtles are. You never know, one day you might live in a big house with backyard and you might want to have one of these turtles.

red ear slider

Box Turtle

Box turtle is one of the most popular of the common types of pet turtles. I would eliminate the possibility of keeping it in a small apartment. Box turtle prefers outdoor housing which would be very similar to its natural habitat.

While it is not too hard to achieve this in a backyard I don't think it would enjoy staying in an apartment. You can always put its wishes aside if you really want to have it… but I am sure you want your pet to enjoy living with you as much as you want to enjoy having it.

Russian Tortoise

Russian tortoise is also pretty popular but, as box turtle, it would prefer staying outdoors. It can be kept indoors with a proper housing.

You can calculate do you have enough space for it: the turtle can grow up to about 10 inches. The enclosure you will need for it should be 10 times longer than the turtle and 5 times wider. So with a bit of math and measuring up your room or apartment you can easily see if there is space for this pet.

Still, even with enough space I wouldn't choose to have it in the apartment.

Red Ear Slider Turtle

pet turtle on a rockRed ear slider is my favorite type of turtle and probably the most popular of all types of pet turtles. If I wasn't bias I might even say this is no pet for a small apartment because of the size of the tank you might need.

But this small pet turtle will give you so much joy that I definitely vote for it! I have had it in a really tiny room and we managed.

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