Advice on breeding guinea pigs

Advice on breeding guinea pigs

by Hannah
(Northern Ireland)

Hi, I have a 2 year old guinea pig which I have had since he was 6 weeks. I was thinking about buying a young sow to breed him with. I have the room for the baby's but was wondering if i should still breed him or not?
please reply soon
many thanks Hannah

Brankica: Hannah, I would highly recommend NOT to breed your guinea pig.

You say you have room for the babies, but what if you have 4 babies, will you be keeping them all? That will make it 6 guinea pigs now.

Unless you spay and neuter them, they will keep breeding and you will be adding to the over breeding problem.

Getting a female for him as a friend is a great idea but only if they are both fixed. There are so many guinea pigs born every day and they get killed because adoption centers can't find enough homes for them.

I really would not recommend breeding guinea pigs on your own and if you want to get a friend for your pet, I would either get a same sex pet or spay and neuter them so they can't breed.

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