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Have you ever thought of how many guinea pigs available for adoption are there? Have you ever adopted a pet? Why not adopt a guinea pig?

Animal shelters are full of great pets available for adoption. Most of them are dogs and cats but you can easily find guinea pigs, hamsters, birds and almost any imaginable pet.

Why adopt?

guinea pigs for adoption

There are so many animals in need of a home. Unless you are really determined to get a certain dog breed check animals available for adoption. I bet you can find the right one for you.

Even if you want a certain dog or cat breed, check the shelters. You can easily find what you are looking for. A significant percentage of purebred dogs and cats can be found in animal shelters.

Can you find a guinea pig there?

I did a quick search when I was writing this page and the first result I pulled up is a list of seven guinea pigs ready to be adopted. All the results had photos and I can tell you that they were the cutest.

You want to search available guinea pigs for adoption? If you live in USA here is a tool for you.

Stop backyard guinea pig breeding

People breed tons of guinea pigs. Pet stores are selling tons of them. Those guinea pigs are bred without any control. Backyard breeders that breed large numbers of guinea pigs, just let a herd breed on their own. They breed same family members and that can only lead to bad genetics.

Those little animals are less resistant to illnesses. They are also born with genetic disorders.

Those people will do it as long as they can make money of it. So how can we stop them? Don't buy - ADOPT. When they stop making money they will stop breeding guinea pigs without control.

You like baby animals?

Who says you can't find any in shelters. If you search in right places you will find exactly what you need. You can find very young guinea pig pups in animal shelters.

More advantages of adopting a guinea pig

Once you get to a shelter, we are sure that the personnel will let you play with the piggies. That will give you a chance to see which one you like the best. In a pet shop, they will probably be very defensive if you ask them to play with the animals.

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Those guinea pigs are healthy

If you think that animals in shelter are potentially sick, you are most likely mistaking. In serious, animal loving shelters (unfortunately there are other kinds) they will give you a healthy pet. Pets in shelters are checked by the vet, they received all shots and medications they might need and they are probably spayed or neutered. You can even get some free advices from a vet that works there.

Learn about your new guinea pig

Talk to the staff. Maybe some of them got to know the guinea pig you like and can give you some tips to help you start with it. Maybe they know what is its favorite food, or what he/she doesn't like.

If you don't know anything about guinea pigs but you really fell in love with one, the shelter staff will usually be very helpful. They will tell you what kind of cage will you need, what to feed the piggy with and how to take care of it.

And you have us here, waiting to help.

Here is one more very useful tool to help you find a guinea pig for adoption. You can search for any pet with this search box. This search is USA based.

If you know of a pet adoption center that needs some promoting and could use a free web site page of their own, see our Pet Adoption Centers page. Suggest it to a center, tell them to send their info and get more exposure. It is very easy to do, all they need to do is type in the info and send it.

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