Batman the chiuaua

Batman the chiuaua

Well, everybody, this is Batty. (Batman, if he really wants to intimidate the Rottwiellers on our street).

As you can see, he is quite the ladies dog. He likes kids, cuddles and sneaking a sly little 'suck' on the straw, if I leave my iced coffee unattended.

Anything else, he will leave alone. I sometimes wonder if the little caffeine-stealer has an addiction.

He has a little leather jacket that I made him and he likes prancing around in that, just as much as his little spiky collar.

I make all sorts of custom leather pet/people accessories, by the way.

Batty loves to travel and has been practically everywhere with me, since I got him as a tiny little pocket sized puppy, two years ago.

He has had all sorts of adventures, most of which end in him being almost accidentally gobbled up by other animals.

If he plays with other dogs, I usually have to wash the slobber from his whole body. We visited a beach in Western Australia last month and there was the hugest turtle that my sister and I had ever seen, 'walking' across the beach.

Batman quickly ran at it and kept leaping over the turtle, his feet just touching its shell, each time. He was so excited. We were a little scared of the turtle for him, so we ruined his fun and called him back. He decided to play at the edge of the water, getting saturated, as we walked next to him, our ankles barely getting wet!

Another vacation that Batman accompanied us on, recently, was when we went to visit my brother-in-laws parents.
It was beautiful there, they had paddocks full of green grass and cows and it was lovely to look at. Looking around at it all,
I said, "Well this is nice, isn't it Batman? ....Batman? Oh-owww" Cows. Normally this isn't a problem for dog-owners but I know my little Batman.

....Cows have mouths!!!

Sure enough, I look around to see my Batty, friendly as he is, being taste-tested by a COW!! WHAT? Now you need another bath.

He certainly keeps us busy.

Batman is also a dog-collar model for my custom leather accessories website

My comment: Wow, thanks for the wonderful photos and story, he seems like a handful :)

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