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Guinea pig life span could be that one thing that will make you decide on getting this pet...or not.

Life span of a pet can make you finally decide on a certain pet. Some people want to keep their pets for a very long time. Others like to start with pets that don't ask for a long term commitment. That way they can see if they are made to be pet owners.

long haired guinea pig

Rodents are considered to be easy to keep pets that don't live long. Well guinea pigs can live pretty long.

Average guinea pig life span is 5 to 8 years, but don't be surprised if your pet guinea pig lives up to 10 years.

The kind of life you provide for your small pet is going to affect his life span. If you want to keep your guinea pig alive for a long time you need to make his life comfortable.

chubby guinea pig

How can you do this?

  • Provide a nice home for your pet guinea pig - Providing a nice home will most likely prolong guinea pig life span. What should you do to make it nice?

    Get a cage that is big enough so that the piggy can move in it. A cage that is too small will limit his moves and that is not good for him. Clean it often and put fresh bedding every time you clean it.

  • Let him be active and explore - If you have a yard let your pet run around in it from time to time. Just make sure it can't run out on the street or get eaten by other animals. If you let him explore around the apartment, make sure he doesn't eat all of your power cords.
  • Get them some toys.
  • Provide good guinea pig diet.
  • Don't forget guinea pig vitamin C supplements.
  • Guinea pig teeth care is very important.
  • Don't neglect health care - If you see any signs of illness make sure you take your guinea pig to a vet. Letting the little pet "get through it" will not do any good. Health care is important for pets. It will determine how long your pet will live.
  • Keep a pair of guinea pigs - guinea pigs love company, just make sure they are of the same sex, otherwise you will have house full of guinea pigs.

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