Pet heat stroke symptoms

Learn pet heat stroke symptoms and have great time with your pet at the beach. Spend an unforgettable summer together, exploring the beaches without any worries.

If you are a summer person that loves spending time on the beach with your dog or other pet you should know basic pet heat stroke symptoms. It can save your pets life.

When does heat stroke happen?

Usually, when your pet is out in the sun and being active. But it can also happen in closed room when it is hot outside and the room has no air circulation.

dog heat stroke symptoms
Photo courtesy of Jan-Erik Finnberg

If you take your pet to the beach and you are playing and sunbathing make sure you prevent heat stroke. Because spending an active day outdoors in hot weather is a perfect precondition that leads to heat stroke.

What are the symptoms and how can you recognize them?

Dog heat stroke and sunstroke symptoms are very visible:

star jaws are wide open

star the dog is heavily panting

star breathing is very deep

star his heart is beating faster

star high body and skull temperature

star at first he will have a lot of saliva

star later his mouth will be dry

star dog is confused

star sometimes he will fall to the side

star extremity movement which is not coordinated

star breathing becomes shallower

star dog can vomit

star and have diarrhea

star loss of conscience

star coma

The symptoms are listed from light to heavy ones.

With some heat stroke prevention measures you could prevent sunstroke and pet heat stroke. But it can still happen. Sometimes, the pet might be in more sensitive condition than usually and you would not know. His defense mechanism would be weaker so he would be more prone to heat stroke.

In that case apply some of the advices from dog heat stroke treatment page to prevent the worst.

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