How Frequently Can a Parakeet Lay Eggs?

How Frequently Can a Parakeet Lay Eggs?

by Nancy
(Orlando ,Florida)

Reader Questions - Parakeet Egg Laying Frequency

My Parakeet laid 5 eggs but they all are broken. How long before she lays more eggs?

Editor Response:

Hi Nancy,

I'm sorry to hear about the eggs. Typically, parakeets can lay another set of eggs after a short break, usually within a few weeks. On average, a parakeet might start laying another set of eggs about two to four weeks after the previous clutch, assuming she's in good health and the conditions are right.

It's crucial to give her plenty of rest, a balanced diet, and a stress-free environment to support her through this period.However, it's essential to ensure that she's in good health and the environment is safe and stress-free. Providing a sturdy nesting box and making sure the nesting area is calm can help prevent future incidents. Also, consider checking in with an avian veterinarian to ensure everything is okay health-wise with your parakeet.


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