Ever wondered how long do parakeets live

Will information on how long do parakeets live affect your decision on getting one? It can, because sometimes people have an idea on how long they want to commit to a pet.

So if you are looking for a medium length relationship with your pet, parakeet is probably one of the best choices you can make.

This pet itself is a great companion and not too difficult to maintain. The cost of upkeep is not very high and he can be a great friend to you. Not to mention you can train him and play with him.

Here is one really nice parakeet video to show you how cute these little birds can be.

So how long do parakeets live in captivity?

Well, for one thing they will live much longer then in the wild. Parakeets live in Australia in big flocks and they have to count with having enemies like predator birds and snakes.

According to books an average parakeet life span is 14 years. I have talked to a parakeet breeder and he says that his experience shows that their life span is more 8 to 10 years. Now, he breeds show birds and they are not really pets except a few of them.

However, he knows of some cases of pet parakeets living to be 22 years old. That is some very, very old age for a small bird.

For a bird to live this long he needs to have good genes and the best conditions possible. That includes great quality food and appropriate diet, no draft and great living conditions. Of course, there has to be a lot of love in his life to live this long.

While mentioning draft I would like to tell you about things you should pay attention to, in order to prolong your parakeets life.

Have you thought about how long do parakeets live if left to take care of themselves in our homes? Here are some dangers in your home that can hurt him:

  • draft - probably the most often cause of parakeet deaths

  • direct sunlight

  • space between the furniture and walls - he can get stuck there

  • big bookshelves - they get stuck behind books easy but can't get out by themselves

  • open closets and drawers - they are curious little birds, they can get locked in if you don't notice them and close the closet door or a drawer

  • kitchen - steam from cooking, flying onto a hot stove and swallowing cleaning products can hurt them

  • bathroom - open windows and open toilets give them possibility to fly out or fall in and drown

  • parakeet hazardglass walls, doors and windows - there is a big chance they will hit into them and break a bone or get other injuries, put curtains on the glass surfaces like these

  • doors - watch out not to squish a bird while closing them

  • heaters, electric appliances, burning candles - they can get burned

  • electric cords and sockets - they tend to chew on them so they can get electrocuted

  • empty tall decorative glass bowls - they can fall in and die, even from heart attack, fill them up with sand or paper

  • empty and full water glasses - they can fall in and get stuck or drown, cover the full ones and turn the empty ones upside down

  • parakeet hazardssharp objects - they can land on them and cut themselves severely

  • chairs and sofas - people can sit on the bird

  • poisons - insect killers, cleaning products, alcohol, coffee, spices, pens!

  • poisonous house plants

  • plant protection chemicals - insect and pest killers for plants, if you sprayed them on plants, keep the plant out of the room parakeet is in

  • nicotine

  • human food

  • other animals - cats / no, fish / yes, but cover the tank, rodents and bunnies / yes, but no direct contact, dogs / yes, they usually love each other

So now that you know of all the hazards that are in your home you can prevent your parakeet getting hurt and prolong his life span. I hope I have answered your question on how long do parakeets live and that you will set a new record in parakeets' life span.

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