by Lisa
(North East, Maryland, USA)

Can I keep my same sex parakeets together. Female in one cage and males in another if I don't want them to breed anymore.

Editor Suggestion on Keeping Male and Female Parakeet Near Each Other in Separate Cages

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your question. Absolutely, Lisa. Keeping same-sex parakeets together can be a good strategy to prevent breeding. Here's how you can manage their environment:

Housing Separately: Continue to keep the females and males in separate cages. This will eliminate the possibility of mating behaviors and egg-laying.

Ensure that their cages are in a place where they can still socialize and communicate, as parakeets are social birds and can enjoy the company of their species, even if separated by a barrier.

No Nesting Material: Avoid placing any nesting materials in either cage, as these can stimulate breeding behaviors.

Regularly check and remove any material that could be used for nesting, such as paper, soft wood, or shreddable toys.

Limited Daylight: Extended daylight can simulate spring/summer conditions, encouraging breeding. Aim for a natural light cycle or a maximum of 12 hours of light per day.

Use curtains or a cage cover to reduce daylight exposure, simulating a more non-breeding season environment.

Monitor Behavior: Watch for any signs of frustration or stress in your birds due to the separation, especially if they were previously breeding or bonded.

Provide plenty of enrichment activities and interact with them often to ensure they remain happy and engaged.

Remember, while these steps can significantly reduce breeding behavior, the drive to breed can be strong, so always be vigilant. If you notice any stress or behavioral issues, consulting with an avian veterinarian or a bird behaviorist can provide tailored advice for your specific situation.

All the best,

Editor and Publisher
Cool Small Pets

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