Parrot Adopt Southern Ontario

Parrot Adopt Southern Ontario

by Olga

We are a non profit rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and education agency for parrots and those interested in parrots.

We are the oldest parrot rescue / parrot shelter in Ontario. We are located in Omemee, Ontario, Canada which is less than 1 hour from Toronto.

We have many years of experience in dealing with difficult and hard to manage parrots. We are experts in parrot behaviours and grooming.

We are here if you need information on parrot care or if you want to adopt a rescue parrot, or need to place a parrot into our rescue/shelter program.

We rescue birds from all across Ontario and place them into suitable homes following our guidelines and principals for all exotic birds to ensure that all rescue parrots get placed into homes best suited for that particular bird’s needs. Our focus is on the parrot’s needs first and foremost.


Cool Small Pets comment: we definitely think people who want to adopt a bird should pay attention to this shelter, they have some beautiful birds for adoption.
If you are still not sure if you want to do it, see why we think you should adopt a bird.

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