Adopt a bird | Save a pet's life

Adopting a bird, or any other pet for that matter, really means saving their lives. One of the main goals of pet bird adopting is that we need to stop uncontrolled breeding of pets.

As long as there are people buying birds there will be breeders. But breeders can never sell as many birds as they can "manufacture". So the birds that no one bought will end up dead or homeless, most likely dead.

You are worried you don't have time to devote to the pet bird?

little parrot playing with remote

If you really want a bird but don't have time to spend with it too much just get two of them. They can socialize with each other.

Of course, you still need to find time to feed and clean them. I don't recommend getting any pet if you would not spend any time with it, so even if you get two birds, you should still play with them from time to time.

Can you afford the adoption of a pet bird?

If you could afford to buy one, you can definitely afford to adopt one.

Depending on the shelter you are adopting from and the kind of bird you are adopting, you could actually save money. The fee you pay for adoption is covering the costs of vet care for the bird and you are getting a healthy bird.

Is the bird going to get along with you?

This is one of the good sides of pet adoption. Most of the birds in shelters have spent some time there. The staff that work with those birds will be very useful in this situation.

You can find out a lot from them. They can tell you if the bird is too loud, if it likes to sleep, is it playful and what it likes to eat. That way you can get the picture and decide if a specific bird is for you.

If you think pet adoption is not for you because you want a young pet bird, you might be mistaking there. Shelters have so many birds of all ages and breeds that you might just be surprised.

Set to go for it?

How do you find where to adopt a bird? You can find the pet you want online. It will save you so much time and money. Not to forget, there are a lot of different breeds of birds out there, young and old, males and females, so you will have a big list to choose from.

Just do a quick search with this helpful search tool and you will find a lot of birds close to your city (the search is USA based).

Let's adopt and put a stop to uncontrolled pet breeding. Let's do a good thing for those little cute pets. Not only will you feel good by saving a life but you can also find a great pet friend in one of the adoption shelters across the world.

If you know of a pet adoption center that needs some promoting and could use a free web site page of their own, see our Pet Adoption Centers page. Suggest it to a center, tell them to send their info and get more exposure. It is very easy to do, all they need to do is type in the info and send it.

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