Feel like reading a pet book?

Have you read a good pet book lately?

pet book

I love reading and books about animals are in the top of my favorite books list.

What I like to read:

  • Books about different kinds of pets, like complete pet guides.
  • Dog encyclopedias.
  • Books where pets have fun by getting in all sorts of troubles and getting out of them.
  • Pet training and how-to guides.

Complete pet guides

I love these kinds of books because they have all the info about one pet in one book. As simple as that.

That way I can be on the safe side if I decide, let's say, to get my first pet snake. I get the book, see what I need to prepare before I bring it home, what and how to feed her and everything else I want to know.

Dog encyclopedias

Since I was a kid I was obsessed with dogs, I knew every breed by heart. I could tell you every specification of a breed and so much more. I guess that is where I got so attached to this kind of books.

I just love having all those beautiful animals in a single book.

Books with pets having fun

These are actually mostly children books, but who says we have to grow up.

Pet training and how-to guides

I found these to be very useful and I am mostly referring to dog training books. However, there are many other pet books like these, that I learned from over the time.

How to guides are at the top of my list too. From guides on how to build your own turtle tank to guides on how to breed your guinea pigs.

Book store by Amazon

In the spirit of me loving to read as often as I can, I wanted to recommend some great books you should check out.

Here is the book shop. Hope you enjoy it.

This book shop is powered by Amazon. You will find a scroll bar at the bottom, so you can scroll to the right and choose the book category you are interested in.

If you don't like books that much, check pet magazine top choices.

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