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Pet magazine can be a great source of information about your pet, but also a great idea generator if you are just starting your search for a pet.

With the publishing industry so developed now, there is almost no pet that doesn't have a magazine of its own.

Get back to printed magazines

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Although internet is a great source of free info, sometimes it is great to sit comfortably in your favorite chair and read the printed version of an animal magazine.

Also, I have seen many different promotions you can find only in printed versions of magazines, I guess because people are subscribing less and less. You can find discounts of the magazine itself, pet supplies and food coupons and additional information about ongoing promotions.

Do you like to read and want to learn more about your pet? If so, I think that a subscription to a magazine (instead of endless surfing online in search for the right piece of info) might be the best solution.

We almost forgot about them and I am one of those people that returned to the beginnings (lol) and decided to go with printed versions of these magazines. I have subscribed to several of them and I love days when they arrive.

Pet magazine subscription doesn't have to be expensive and you should not worry about that. For example, I wait for them to get discounted and then subscribe.

So instead of paying $59 for Bird magazine, you can get it for $13 a year, with free shipping. Now don't tell me that isn't great.

More uses for a pet magazine

Oh, there is one more great use of a magazine that I get delivered to my door, although not so fair to the magazine itself.

My sister is still in school and they get a lot of assignments to to at home. A lot of them include animal related stuff and sometimes we just can't find the right photos to put in the homework. That is where scissors come in. We still have all of her homework assignments and notebooks with those cool pet photos saved.

If you don't like magazines that much, check pet book top choices.

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