Swamp Cat

Swamp Cat

I have a cat named Louie, he is around 8 months old. A family friend found him in the South Carolina swamps. He was 6 weeks then.

We took him in, he is a gray tabby with a white-ish zero marking on his sides. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. Surprisingly he loves to play in water.

When the sink is dripping he will soak his head and wet his paws while trying to drink some water. Every morning we find a new toy in the water bowls.

We also have two older cats and two dogs. He will chase the other cats and my dogs, one is 87 pounds. He seems to be bigger every day because he will eat everything, the other cats food, even the dogs food, as well as string and paper.

His favorite toy is a plastic ball wrapped up. He carries that around in his mouth and then bats it around.

Recently he found out that we hid a cat-nip bag in a small cupboard I found him one day opening the closed door. I found it so interesting I just watched him.

He put his little paws in the crack and pulled toward him once it was open enough he stuck his head in and then his body. He started digging the other items out all over the floor and found the cat nip! I stopped him then. We now put the cat nip in a drawer, unless he opens drawers too!

There was some hard rains so our basement flooded a few inches. Louie hides in the basement, but we thought with the water all over he would leave. To our surprise he ran through it and flicked his tale back and forth! Soon he was wet and when he went upstairs he got things upstairs wet. He is truly a Swamp Cat.

Brankica: Aw, this has to be one of the cutest stories ever.

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