Turtle tank filter | Do you really need it?

Turtle tank filter will make your small pet turtle adventure easier.

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I have had a turtle tank without a filter for a while and buying a filter really changed "pet turtle-ing" for me. It saves time and nerves.

Turtles excrete a lot and they do it in the water. They also spend most of their time in that same water.

The food that your pet doesn't eat will dissolve in water in time so that will really make a mess in the tank. You can't completely avoid this because turtles need to eat in water. However, you can make it way easier on you by feeding the turtle in a separate tank.

So think of all that mess in the water and you can imagine how important it is for the little guy's health to keep the water as clean as possible. You don't want him swimming in his own pee, do you?

You can keep it clean by changing the water every second day but I doubt you want to do this. It is so much time consuming and will get on your nerves eventually.

The best solution would be to buy a turtle tank filter. The filter will save you a lot of time and give your small pet turtle clean environment for a longer time.

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