Interesting facts about parakeets

Before you get your parakeet you want to learn some facts about parakeets? I chose the most important and interesting ones to list them here so you can learn about your new pet.

The bird from the photo bellow is called a parakeet in USA but in UK it is known as a budgie and in Australia it is referred to as a budgerigar.

Parakeet in non-USA countries would be any little parrot with a very long tail.

General facts about parakeets

  • Latin name for this bird is Melopsittacus undulatus.

  • parakeet photosParakeet is 18 cm long (7 inches).

  • Body mass of a male parakeet is 30 to 40 grams.

  • Its country of origin is Australia.

  • They live in very big flocks.

  • Female can lay 4 to 9 eggs.

  • Eggs hatch after about 3 weeks.

  • Baby parakeets fly out of the nest after 4 to 5 weeks.

  • They can start breeding when they are 6 months old.

  • Parakeets change feathers every year.

  • Parakeet life span is 14 years by books, more like 8 to 10 in reality but there have been cases of parakeets living 22 years.

Interesting facts about parakeets

  • The first pair of parakeets was exported from Australia in 1840. The price for that pair was enormous.

  • Parakeet can learn to talk. A male can learn several hundred words and female can learn about a hundred.

  • There is a case of a male parakeet from London that knew 2.000 words.

  • Never feed them human food, they can die from salt intake.

  • Basic color of a parakeet is green but they have been bred in many different colors now (check the list of parakeet colors).

  • When frightened, a parakeet will fly towards the light so he can hit a window, it is better to prevent it by putting curtains in windows.

  • facts about parakeetsIn Australia, parakeets have natural enemies in form of bigger predator birds and snakes.

  • The part above the beak is called "cere".

  • Cere's color shows us the gender of the parakeet, males have blue and females have brown cere.

  • Young birds have different cere color, males have pinkish cere and females have whiteish.

  • Parakeets have 4 toes, two facing front and two facing back (parrots usually have feet like this while other birds have 3 facing front and one facing back).

  • Parakeets pee and poop at the same time.

  • When you get a parakeet from a pet show it is usually an ?American? one, ?English? ones are more show birds.

  • If a parakeet throws up at you it means he considers you a family member, and he is trying to feed you.

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