How to make personalized Christmas stockings for pets

pet Christmas cards

I got an e mail today from a reader about personalized Christmas stockings for pets. She was saying how expensive they were. She also says how the pet industry is trying to cash in on pet lovers a bit too much for her taste.

Although she didn't want me to mention her name, she still wanted me to mention the problem. Why are personalized Christmas stockings so expensive? There are many reasons for this and I probably can't think of all of them.

This reader is somewhat right. I did a search on personalized (not themed) stockings and as far as I could see, the starting price is around $10.

But let me solve this problem, may I try? I suggested this easy personalization of a plain stocking to the lady and she liked the idea. She said she didn't even think of doing it herself. But she plans to do it now.

Make personalized Christmas stockings for less money

This is what I got today ? a stocking and some glitter glue (three colors). Total ? $2, one dollar each. I bought both in Dollar Tree store.

personalized christmas stockings for pets

I decided to go with the flow and just personalize the stockings without drawing an idea on a piece of paper. You can be more organizes and draw an outline before you start working on the stocking.

Squeeze the glue and write your pet's name. You can also draw a paw and just one big letter (first letter of your pet's name). I am sure you can think of many good ideas.

personalized christmas stockings for pets

Getting a pack with three colors gives you more options. I got these three because I like red, but there were packs with blue or green glue too.

After you are satisfied with your design, just let it dry. Now, make sure you let it dry for a longer time if you are not gluing anything to the stocking.

Extra idea: buy some confetti and put them gently over the glue. That can give a nice touch to your creation. The possibilities are endless.

To get that personalized Christmas stocking for your pet just perfect, if you are handy with fabrics, you can cut out letters from a piece of fabric and glue them to the stocking.

All in all, you have a perfect unique stocking for your pet and all it took are $2 and a few minutes of your time.

Now, here is one more idea. You can personalize a themed pet Christmas stockings very easy too. I got one for our puppy the other day and it is made to be personalized. You can see it in the image below.

personalized christmas stockings for pets

I got it from Lowe's and paid around $6.50 for it. All you need to do is put a photo of your pet in the little slot. The stocking on the left is empty and the one on the right has a card in it. I didn't have my puppy's photo to put in it since I am still waiting for it to move in with us.

After putting the photo in the little pocket, you can still personalize the stocking by adding some letters with the glitter glue.

I hope this little simple tutorial will help someone get an idea for a personalized Christmas stocking for a pet.

I would love to hear from you, if you would be willing to share some ideas or photos related to the subject.

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