Don't forget pet Christmas stockings

pet Christmas cards

You can not forget pet Christmas stockings if you have a pet. That's a must. With all stockings available and customized for pets, you probably won't be able to resist anyway.

Although pets don't understand Christmas they still like to get treats. So you should definitely fill up a pet Christmas stocking with their favorite treats.

Need some Christmas stocking ideas?

Here are my favorite ideas for filling up these stockings:

For puppies and dogs:
- their favorite (expensive) kind of treat, the ones they don't get to eat every day
- a new collar because the old one makes them itchy
- a new bed because they chewed through the one they have
- a new rope toy ? do you really need a reason for this
For kittens and cats:
- a furry little mouse (live or a toy they won't care)
- a gift card that says "one hour of back scratching"
For guinea pigs:
- the most expensive hay in the market because they were behaving nice all year long
- their favorite food in big amounts
- not letting the kid from the neighborhood play with them for a while (because they hate him)
For hamsters:
- new wheel, because they are tired of that old thing and it's going too slow
For parakeets and other parrots:
- new ladders because they love to climb
- playpen because they love to play and you did promise them one last year
- parrot sweets because they will appreciate it
- new owner and home for your cat because they are scared of it
For turtles:
- new lamp because it's winter time and they don't like to be cold

Oh, you don't have any Christmas stockings for your pets? Well you better hurry up and get one because it is almost time to open the presents.

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