Make your tree look great with pet Christmas ornaments

pet Christmas stockings

Have you decorated your tree yet? Do you have any pet Christmas ornaments on your tree?

This is my first Christmas in USA and I am loving it. I literally can't believe how many different ornaments you can find in shops. The other day I spent about 45 minutes going through different ornaments in a shop.

I didn't even realize I have spent that much time looking at them, until my husband told me what time it was.

Well, for us pet lovers, it is not so strange to put a little pet Christmas ornament on the tree. With so many cute ones, who can resist. I sure can't.

We decorate our tree by color, meaning we choose a color we wan't and then decorate accordingly. This year we will go with red and silver. Putting Christmas ornaments shaped like pets, on the tree, and matching them, will not be so hard with these colors.

There are some beautiful red ornaments I plan to buy and some ornaments we are going to order from Amazon. You can see some of the ones we plan to use on the right.

If you have some good suggestions when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree with pet ornaments please contact me so I can put it on the webiste, and we can share it with the world.

Don't forget that you can get little ornaments that are actually picture frames and decorate your tree with photos of your family with your pet. Or you can put different photos of your pet, from the first day he came to live with you to this Christmas. You can find some of those in the Amazon list on the right.

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