Send pet Christmas cards | Show your friends you care

Are you sending any pet Christmas cards out this year?

pet Christmas stockings

I know of many families that will take photos together, wearing their nicest clothes and putting on their nicest smiles. They will make a great looking Christmas card and send it to their family and friends.

Some families will include pets in their photo. Some on the other hand will buy printed cards and send those. Tell me, what is your family going to do?

I have already chosen some that I plan to send out. I love these Christmas cards with pet images on them because they make me feel warm around the heart.

Some of them, being funny as they are, put a really big smile on my face.

If you don't plan to send cards this year, think about it again. One little card can make someone very happy. People love when someone thinks of them, so be that one person that will make a friend happy. Or at least send one to your pet ?- send an edible card, or if you send a plain one -- the card itself will not be enough, put a treat in the envelope too.

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