Make your new parakeet feel at home

Your new parakeet has arrived today and now you are wondering what to do. How to approach him? And how come he does not want to play with you?

new yellow female parakeet

You need to understand that at this moment the bird is probably terrified. He has just been moved from a known environment and away from his chirpy family. He was handled by a big person and put in a completely new world.

And now he is looking at you and definitely does not know who you are. He is scared you are going to hurt him because you are so big and he can not fly away which is the thing he would do in natural environment.

If you bought a budgie parakeet for your child it is very important to explain how the bird will be scared at the beginning and that it should not be handled until it gets used to the new home.

I believe you now understand why he isn't playing with you. But he will, very soon. It will not take you but a few days to make him feel at home.

Still, do not take this literally or as my promise. It all depends on how much time will you have to spare and spend it with the pet.

How to handle a new parakeet?

I am guessing you have already prepared a cage he will call his home. Some toys in the cage will come in handy. But skip the mirror this time.

Place the cage to a spot in your apartment where it can stay "forever" since it is not good to relocate the cage a lot. Make sure it is away from the window and the draft. Now, since I am talking about small apartments you will need to plan this good.

Oh, one more thing to make it more difficult on you - try to put the cage to a spot that is a little bit on a higher altitude (example - top of a book shelf) and where it is not too busy with people walking by all the time. I keep mine in a corner that is opposite to the door and windows.

budgie parakeets playing

Now that he is all set you need to communicate with him. Spend some time talking to him, every day. Every time you feed him and give him water talk to him. He needs to get used to you.

Do not make any sudden moves around him as it will frighten him. Also you should not put your hands in the cage just yet.

Depending on how much time you spend with the little parakeet he may get used to you and new home in matter of days. What is important at the beginning, he should not be let out of the cage. That part of the game comes later.

What NOT to do

  • put a mirror in the cage
  • put the cage in the draft
  • relocate the cage often
  • not talk to your new parakeet
  • put him in a very loud environment
  • make sudden moves around the pet
  • put hands in the cage
  • try to catch your pet to play with him
  • let the parakeet fly around the house first few days

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