Best gifts for Christmas for Pets

best christmas gifts for petsSo maybe best gifts for Christmas for your pets aren't really an ancient tradition but most of us consider the little ones a part of the family. In that spirit and spirit of giving, we try not to forget to get them something nice for Christmas.

Pets won't know that they actually got a Christmas present, but they sure know there is something tastier than usually in their food bowl, or a new toy or even a new house. Come to think of it, maybe even a new friend of the same specie.

Joke on the side, I don't recommend getting pets as Christmas presents, but if you are buying a new female parakeet to be company to your single male, then it may be a good idea.

This is actually a perfect opportunity for you to get one of the pet necessities you postponed shopping for the entire year. So besides cool items your pet will love, I will remind you of a few items that are essential for a happy pet.

Let's cut to the chase, here is a list of best gifts for Christmas you can buy for your pet. The list is arranged in the following way:

  • best Christmas gifts for parakeets and birds
  • great gifts for guinea pigs and rodents
  • cool presents that will make your turtles happy

Note that most of the products are sold by Petco and Amazon and a lot of them are on sale at the moment, so don't miss these great opportunities.

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Christmas gifts for Parakeets

<parakeet christmas gift
Pet Parakeet Park Tabletop Playpen
Tabletop playpen is a wonderful parakeet gift. They can spend hours playing on it and the size allows you to keep it almost anywhere and watch your bird play.

The product is sold by Amazon.

designer parakeet cage
Designer Square Top Parakeet Cage
This cage is of great size for your bird and it will give him enough space to play. It is designed really nicely so it can be a part of your house decor. Another advantage is that you can clean it very easy, by removing the plastic bottom and washing it.

The product is sold by Amazon.

green ranch parakeet cage
Designer Green Ranch Style Top Parakeet Cage
Similar to the cage above with the difference that is it s a different style "house".

The product is sold by Amazon.

Christmas Gifts for Guinea Pigs

Midwest critter national double unit guinea pig cage
Midwest Critter Nation Double Unit wiht Stand
Well made habitat for Guinea Pigs and other small animals. Note that for Guinea Pigs the bedding tray is low and might need to be made higher with your own 3-1/2 inch pine boards or place the cage on top of a flooring tray.

The product is sold by Amazon.

guinea pig cage Guinea Pig Cage
The reason I love this cage, it is one of the most highly rated cages for Guinea Pigs on Amazon.

The product is sold by Amazon.

guinea pig playpen
Small Pet Playpens
A must have for guinea pig and other small pet owners. You can use it inside and outside to keep your pets from getting out of the yard or getting behind the furniture while at the same time giving them some space to play and exercise.

The product is sold by Amazon and is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Christmas presents for turtles

Highly recommended full turtle set up. This set up includes both aquatic and dry land area and is easy to clean. It is rated 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.
turtle gift

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